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Our engagement in the community

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Menelik Education Community involvement is about making changes in our community to improve the lives of all residents. Whether we are planning a major or small change, we always insure to get the input and support of all those we are seeking to help.

As a Community champion organisation, we often organise things and then ask others to help out with specific tasks. For example, talking to local business about the best way to offer job or job training opportunities to young people with disabilities. We lead on gathering evaluation, help to secure funding and liaise with partners, such as local authority contacts, local businesses, artists, and others to help us attain our objectives.  Our work force is mainly made up of young people with severe disabilities.
We support and encourage them to be actively involved in the work that we do because they are also part of our community, and we are very keen to lead by example.
On a daily basis, they help us with tasks such as:

  • organising and running meetings;
  • making contact with the local press;
  • fundraising;
  • writing newsletters;
  • organising and running events;
  • helping to design artwork for your street and community; and
  • planning where to put plants and trees.

We are always keen to welcome new members, so join us whether you have a disability or not.  We have community volunteers engaged in inspiring and enabling others to get involved.  Our community volunteers help people be more active. We give advice about community work and set up activities in the community, universities and schools. They help to promote the work of Menelik Education in the community.

Help to inspire people of all ages in the community to break down barriers and make our communities here in the UK and those we help abroad build strong, healthy, and sustainable communities.  Anyone can be a community volunteer!  Are you passionate about the world in which you live and would like to make a difference in your community?

If you’re enthusiastic and motivated and would like to support and encourage others in your community to feel the same, we’d love for you to join us.

How our community also helps others who are less fortunate
Menelik Education links schools in the UK with schools in Africa. Our School Programme, developed in consultation with UK teachers, provides lesson plans closely linked to the national curriculum, school presentations, games and all sorts of resources to help our pupils here in the UK but also in Africa:

  • Gain a better understanding of global issues
  • Learn about the cause they are supporting
  • Establish links between their lives and the lives of those that they are helping
  • Understand the work of charities
  • Develop participation skills and their role in active global citizenship
  • Work as a team to understand how individual and collective actions can benefit others
  • Schools also gain an unforgettable insight into life and learning in a school in both parts of the world.


“Giving back to the community…”


Menelik  in partnership with REALIFE Advocacy offers independent advocacy  support to individuals and families to enable them to feel more in control of their lives.

We offer formal advocacy (normally short term support to get through a particularly difficult period); citizen advocacy (a long term partnership between the advocate and the person wanting support) and help to develop self-advocacy skills. Anyone is free to call us for an informal chat and to arrange a visit at home or to our offices to see if we can work together to support you.

Realife Advocacy designs and delivers a range of training courses including the five day‘Root and Branch’ programme.

From September 2002 to April 2006, REALIFE helped to set up the Essex People’s Parliament for people with a learning disability and are now working on the Herts Forum for people with a learning difficulty based in East Herts. The forum is supported each year as a major project led by our social work student unit.

Menelik benefits from an experienced and committed staff  and volunteer team, many of whom have personal experience of disability. Menelik Education and Realife emphasis on community networking and sustainable community building has resulted in a large number of volunteers and partnership working arrangements with other organisations including:

  • Partners in Policymaking – family carer network
  • Cambridge Brokerage Network
  • National Brokerage Network
  • Realife Social Work Student Unit
  • Stortford Music Festival – annual music and arts festival
  • East Herts self-advocacy group
  • Actability
  • Talentworks Trust
  • Tobin Trust
  • Frontline Partnership
  • FACE

Our work with schools

MENELIK has visited many schools and colleges in Cambridgeshire and beyond, and has participated in various events such as assemblies, World Day and to run workshops.

Sometimes, schools/institutions have asked us to talk about a particular subject which was dear to them or simply wanted us to talk about children and education in the Congo in particular or Africa in general combine with a bit of history/politics which included issues such as poverty, violence, discrimination, and gender inequality.

We always tailor our talks so that it fits the audience by taking into consideration the ages group of the students/pupils/audience to make it interesting and engaging.

If invited for a longer period (half or full day), we could also include food for tasting, music, arts, and/or short films in our programme.

Why do we do this?  Well Cambridgeshire is fortunate to have a diverse cultural population. This diversity allows us the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and different outlooks on life.  We hope that our activities help cement communities by making us know about our different heritage.

I hope this short introduction is enough to make you want to invite us, but, should you need more info, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Former hosts include but not exhaustive:

Girls preparing football kit
  • King’s College school
  • Hills Road 6th Form College
  • St Lukes Primary School
  • Impington Village College
  • Comberton Village College
  • Next Steps
  • Speaking Up
  • Brampton Primary School
  • Sawston Primary School
  • The Leys
  • Emmanuel College
  • King’s College
  • Selwyn College
  • College Jules Verne (France)
  • College St Georges (Congo)
  • Ministry of Gender Family & Children (Congo)
  • Congolese Cultural Centre (Congo)

Menelik education Global Voices Scheme

What is the MEGVS?


One of the greatest challenges that schools face is to define a clear set of values not just rules that have been developed with the full involvement of the school community and is actively upheld by pupils. MenelikEducation UK’s Global Voices Scheme (GVS) helps schools to use the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as the values framework that enables this to be achieved. The UNCRC enhances pupils’ understanding of the consequences of individual and group actions on the rights of others locally and globally. It also serves as the basis for a shared vision which can enable positive environments, relationships and communities to develop. The articles of the Convention are based on recognition of every child’s basic needs in order to thrive. The UNCRC therefore sets out a child’s rights to:


  • Survive and have good health
  • Be protected from any form of abuse
  • Develop their talents and skills
  • Participate in the world to which they belong

The UNCRC appeals strongly to children because it provides a moral framework that is appropriate for all pupils regardless of their faith or ethnicity. There is no moral relativism because the UNCRC derives from a universal agreement.

How does the GVS work?

Menelik Education Global Voices Scheme is an international cultural exchange that harnesses the power of art, culture and language as a bridge to understanding and goodwill between UK school students and their peers around the world. Menelik Education offers schools a unique opportunity to open their doors to genuine interaction with a larger world.  The reach of MenelikEducation Global Voices is limited only by the imagination of the participants, and offers a much needed way to begin to broaden the range and depth of studies available to pupils/students.  We can offer various services to schools and colleges, for example give talks on:

  • Rights and Responsibilities (Global Citizenship)
  • Contemporary African/World politics
  • African/Latin Culture (films/documentaries/group discussions)
  • Development Issues and Trade
  • Ethics, and more.

We can also:

  • Create partnership between our schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) and schools in the UK
  • Teach African/Latin dance workshops
  • Prepare an African/world food buffet for the schools as a one of or scheduled occasions.

For more info: Care for the community

We also provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to anyone in the community and minority ethnic groups on their rights and responsibilities.

About the service

Menelik Community Support is committed to providing a specialist service to all sectors of the local community in the area of Immigration, Mediation, Housing Advice, Family Matter and more.  Our service is free, confidential,independent and impartial. We believe in equality for all.

Some of the issues we deal with:

  • Advice on your right to challenge decisions
  • Advice if you are facing eviction or bailiff action
  • Advice on what the law says and if it has been applied correctly
  • Advice and representation with Appeals or Court Hearings
  • Advice on Immigration matters

Partner Your School With Ours

Join us and become a partner –  together we can empower your students to establish and sustain educational opportunity, and be part of something truly special. Arrange a meeting with a member of MENELIK EDUCATION team by contacting

What is a School Partnership?

A partnership is a commitment that a school or college makes to building or sustaining a school in a specific village or area where the children have no access to education. But its not just about funding! Each partnership is arranged around individual needs that sustains the reciprocal flow of ideas, energy, time, expertise and experiences to develop the people and organisations involved.

Why Get Involved?

Inspire your Students by transforming them into global citizens – we welcome students, both ners to aim high. This is an opportunity for partner schools to make a real difference: don’t just buy the books, build the school and support it to flourish.

Generate Stakeholder Approval

School inspectors have praised schools for their initiative and support; parents comment that they are impressed to see such effective philanthropy as well as the unique learning experience that a school can give their children.

Develop your Teachers

Teachers are encouraged to visit their partner school to work on projects, while observing the challenges of teaching and learning in the most difficult of environments.

What does it cost?

£300 annually secures training for teachers, staff and volunteers

£1,300 pays for two local teachers for a year

£1,500 sustains school resources, materials and infrastructure annually

£10,000 builds a school

There is no minimum to becoming a partner school.  For more information about school or college partnerships, please contact us.

 For more info call Theodore on:

   01223 911 820  or  07842 177 344

Monday- Thursday 9:00am – 5:30pm

Tuesday 9:30am – 12:00pm

Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Saturday 10:00am – 12:30pm


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