The festival this year will be a strand of the cambridge film festival (Click for more information), with films taking place from the 21 – 25 October.

The Cambridge African Film Festival was generously supported THE cambridge film trust; the Smuts Memorial Fund, managed by the University of Cambridge in memory of Jan Christiaan Smuts;  Trinity College, University of Cambridge; and Menelik Education.

See below for more details.

To see more information on each film, click here.

21 October 2017

17.50 – Emmanuel College


Director: Mbithi Masya.
Starring: Nyokabi Gethaiga, Elsaphan Njora, Paul Ogola.

When Kaleche wakes up in the middle of the wilderness, she has no idea how she got there. She makes her way to a lodge called Kati Kati – a type of purgatory, not Heaven or Hell, but somewhere in between – where souls find themselves with no explanation or reason. No one knows how the residents of this bleak and isolated location, surrounded by African bushland, can ever leave. In this gathering of lost souls, each haunted by demons from their previous life, Kaleche begins to piece together the shards of her own life and the key to leaving Kati Kati.


22 October 2017

18.00 – Arts Picturehouse


Director: John Trengove.
Starring: Nakhane Touré, Bongile Mantsai, Niza Jay.

Xolani and Vija are the caregivers in traditional circumcision ceremonies in South Africa – each year they guide the young initiates into manhood. Xolani is asked by a family friend to be the caregiver for his son, Kwanda, because he has been behaving strangely at home in the city. However, Xolani has a secret as to why he attends the ceremony every year: his feelings for Vija go beyond that of a boyhood friendship. When Kwanda’s sexuality comes into question, Xolani is faced with difficult choices that threaten to upset this sacred ritual of manhood.


23 October 2017

18.00 – Arts Picturehouse


Director: Daouda Coulibaly.
Starring: Ibrahim Koma, Inna Modja, Quim Gutiérrez.

Ladji is a bus driver, desperately working to raise himself and his sister, Aminata, who has been forced into prostitution, out of poverty. When he doesn’t get the promotion he was expecting, he decides to contact Driss, a drug dealer who owes him a favour. Ladji risks his life to carry drugs from Conakry to Bamako and quickly becomes the top trafficker in the drug underworld, giving him easy access to money, women and a life that he had never imagined possible. But the price to pay is high. Nominated for the Sutherland Award at the London Film Festival 2016.


24 October 2017

18.00 – Arts Picturehouse


Director: Alain Gomis.
Starring: Véro Tshanda Beya Mputu, Gaetan Claudia, Papi Mpaka. 

Winner of the Jury Grand Prix at Berlinale, Félicité is the story of a proud woman working as a singer in a bar in Kinshasa. However, life comes crashing down when Félicité’s son has a terrible accident. She desperately tries to raise the money needed for his operation. A breathless tour through the impoverished streets and the wealthier districts of the Congolese capital ensues; a world of music and dreams. Tabu, a regular at the bar, offers to help and she reluctantly accepts. Within the confines of Félicité’s sparse apartment, the trio form an unusual community, thrown together by fate.


25 October 2017

18.45 – The Moving Cinema


Director: Akin Omotoso.
Starring: Warren Masemola, Harriet Manamela, Sihle Xaba.

Three people board the train for Johannesburg – a man looking for a job, a boy seeking out his father’s body and a young woman tasked with delivering a child to her mother. They each go on their separate ways in the urban jungle, yet their paths are fated to cross in the different situations in which they find themselves. Cleverly weaving the three separate plots, Vaya is as much a celebration of the diversity of Johannesburg, as well as a beautifully gripping, deeply moving and often funny narrative about struggling for survival and dignity in the city.



Wednesday, 25 October

18.30 – Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College



  • Country: Rwanda/UK

  • Release year: 2017

  • Run time: 60 minutes

  • Genre: Documentary

Director: Piotr Cieplak.  

A documentary about how Rwandans use personal and family photographs to remember and commemorate the loved ones they lost in the 1994 genocide.

Followed by a Q&A with the director.



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17th Oct 2016 – Congolese (DRC) Judicial System Review Fact Finding Mission

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a civil law country which inherited its legal traditions from Belgium. Some rural parts of the country also still utilise customary or tribal law (mostly to deal with issues concerning marriage, divorce and property). Since its independence in 1960, the country has operated under numerous constitutions, transitional constitutions and constitutional amendments. The constitution the DRC currently operates under was voted on in December, 2005. It was approved by 84% of voters and was enacted on February 18, 2006. The history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Constitution can only be described by detailing the many years of struggle and conflict the people faced to finally have a proper Constitution put in place.

A visit was undertaken to that country in 2015 and the findings of that mission will be highlighted at this talk.  You will have the opportunity to ask question and also express an interest for any mission.

Venue: TBC

Time: 6.30pm – 7.45pm

Contact: 07827705454 or

18th Oct 2016 – Africa yesterday, today, and tomorrow

HE Mr Kabengele, the Organisation of African Unity last representative to the EU will give a talk about Africa and its future direction.

Africa today is experiencing the most rapid urbanisation in the world and remains a young population with 65% of her over 1.1billion population under the age of 35years. Population Reference Bureau (PRB) projects Africa’s population to more than double, rising from 1.1 billion today to 2.4 billion by 2050. Africa’s youth bulge presents both an opportunity and a challenge. Rapid population growth makes it difficult for economies to create enough jobs to lift large numbers of people out of poverty. Policy makers at national and sub-regional levels are overwhelmed by challenges of unemployment, quality and access to education and basic services like health required in tapping Africa’s demographic dividend. The implications of this challenge poses intractable threat to Africa: requiring collaborative efforts in addressing it.

Building on the themes and outcomes mentioned above, Mr Kabengele will provide a platform for those interested in Africa to interrogate critical continental and global issues of relevance to development in Africa.

Venue: TBC

Time: 6.30pm – 7.45pm

Contact: 07827705454 or

Cambridge African Film Festival Opening Party

20th October 2016

OLEM Community Hall Parsih Centre

Lensfield Road

Cambridge CB2 1EN




Time: 6.30pm – 11.00pm

Food served time: 7.30pm

Bar opening time: 6:30pm

Band on at:  8.00pm

Location:  OLEM Community Hall – Parish Centre, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1EN


CAFF Website:

About Afro-Tema

Afro-Tema’s unique blend of African dance music is composed by Makhou N’Diaye – a distinguished musician in Senegal and the UK. The music is a dedication of West African rhythms sliced into a World Music melting pot of afro-latin sounds, hi-life, reggae beats, popular mbalax and a twist of jazz. The melodic arrangements boast strong vocals and solid percussion, and some simply great sinewy guitar lines. Afro-Tema play from the heart of Senegal, a beat loud and clear on the World Music circuit.



  • Marinated Chicken Breast
  • Pan-Fried Plantain
  • Red Beans and Tomato Sauce
  • Jollof Rice
  • Selection of Ethiopian food
  • Couscous & Chicken Tagine
  • Vegetarian tagine
  • Matoke

and more…..


  • Caramelised Banana
  • Fresh mango
  • Exotic Ice Cream

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A growing body of evidence suggest that Some minorities are greater risk of developing dementia than the indigenous white population.  These communities may also experience a lower age of onset due to the increase of risk factors for vascular dementia, such as hypertension.  BME families may struggle in isolation with their caring responsibilities and where there is a lack of specialist care.

This presents challenges for providers of dementia services, especially where service planning and delivery processes are failing to respond to the major shifts in demographics that are occurring within BME populations.

There is also the challenge of addressing the limited awareness of mainstream services, and of dementia itself, cultural myths and taboos that prevent people asking for outside help.

We are looking at engaging with minority ethnic communities to raise awareness of Dementia.  We would like to run a two hour workshop with you with the following aims:

  1. To raise awareness of Dementia, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and how to access help
  2. To better understand how people currently manage Dementia in different communities
  3. To improve relationships and networks between Dementia services and communities

Whether you are an individual, a community based organisation or members of the communities we are seeking to reach, this event is for you.

If you need more information, please contact:

Theodore MFUNI:  Tel: 07827705454  / Email:

Venue: The Meadows Community Centre,

1 St Catherines Road,

off Arbury Rd,



Time: 11.00am – 1.00pm

Please RSVP by 15th October on 07827705454 or



(The only Club in world you can’t join because you are already in)

Next Ubuntu party: End of May 2016 – More info to follow



Country of origin: South Africa
Year of production: 2013
Length: 90 min. 
Language: English/Zulu/Afrikaans
Genre: comedy, romance.
Director:  Henk Pretorius






What happens when an Afrikaans guy and a Zulu girl fall in love and have to navigate their way through the complicated process of lobola? It’s a recipe for disaster explored in ‘Fanie Fourie’s Lobola’, a contemporary romantic comedy about love and tradition in a rapidly evolving society.

Funny yet hard-hitting, the film tackles the thorny subject of cross-cultural relationships with humour and honesty. Directed by Henk Pretorius (‘Bakgat!’, ‘Bakgat! 2’), and co-written by Pretorius and Janine Eser, ‘Fanie Fourie’s Lobola’ stars talented newcomer Zethu Dlomo as Dinky and film and comedy favourite, Eduan van Jaarsveldt as the affable Fanie. The film is the first from Once Upon a Story, a script development initiative headed by veteran industry leader Paul Raleigh and Janine Eser, which aims to take great South African stories to the big screen and the world. ‘Fanie Fourie’s Lobola’ was produced by Lance Samuel and Kweku Mandela from Out of Africa Entertainment and Janine Eser.

The story begins with Fanie, a young Afrikaner who designs custom cars that resemble African animals. His brother Sarel, played with cheesy aplomb by Chris Chameleon, is a massively successful Afrikaans pop star who is about to marry the “perfect girl.” Fanie still lives with his mother in a home where time seems to have stood still. On a dare, he asks Dinky Magubane, a beautiful Zulu woman and aspiring entrepreneur, to come with him to his brother’s wedding. She agrees on the condition that Fanie pretends to be her boyfriend so that she can stop her deeply traditional father from pressurizing her into marriage.

Things go awry when Dinky and Fanie start to fall in love. What began as a hoax to annoy their families becomes a meaningful relationship. The two find themselves bound by their shared sense of humour and a desire to create a life that is different from what their parents expect of them. As they confront cultural differences, family politics, a malicious ex-boyfriend and lobola their relationship breaks down.

But try as they might to stay apart, both have been changed by their feelings for each other. Is love enough for Fanie Fourie and Dinky Magubane?

‘Fanie Fourie’s Lobola’ was inspired by the book of the same name, written by Nape à Motana.


You can watch the trailer at

Menu for the day! 
Marinated Chicken Breast
Pan-Fried Plantain
Red Beans and Tomato Sauce
Jollof Rice
Selection of Ethiopian food
Caramelised Banana
Fresh mango
Raspberry Sauce Ice Cream







Country: South African
Director: Roberta Durrant
Writer: Shirley Johnson
Stars: Okwethu Banisi, Andrea Dondolo, Nicholas Ellenbogen
About the film:
‘Billy Elliot with sax meets Buena Vista Social Club in Cape Town, South Africa.’ 13-Year-old Felix dreams of becoming a saxophonist like his late father, Zweli, of the famous Bozza Boys Band. His mother, Lindiwe, hates jazz, which she blames for Zweli’s death. Because of alcohol, he died before her youngest son was born. Felix’s world is turned upside down when he wins a scholarship to a prestigious school. Wanting to prove himself, he auditions for the school concert, but he can’t read music. Two aging ex-Bozza Boys give Felix a cash course on the saxophone and teach him about his musical roots and his father’s past. Through Felix’s determination, his mother Lindiwe is able to forgive her late husband and celebrate Felix’s musical talent.

6:00 pm door open till late
Programme consists of:
6:30 pm – Princess Africa film screening
8:00 pm – Buffet served (Selection of African food both for vegetarians and non)
8:30 pm – Live music
9:15 pm Live music 9:00 from IROKO
10:00 pm DJ spin till you drop

Bookings: 07827705454
Entry: Screening free
BUFFET: £10 online or on the door

Venue:  Emmanuel Reformed Church

72 Trumpington Street

Cambridge CB2 1RR

Bookings: 01223 420 850 / 07842 177344






7:00 pm till late

Programme consists of:

7:00 pm – Celebrating Woman Exhibition

7:30 pm – Buffet  served

– Dance class session (learn to dance Salsa, African and more)

9:00 pm Live Band

Venue:  St Philip’s Centre

185 Mill Road

Cambridge CB1 3AN

Bookings: 01223 420 850 / 07842 177344


£10 or £12 (for international bands)

BUFFET is included but seat booking is required to avoid disappointment 

Past events:

The Cambridge Community Fashion Show provides a evening of inclusive public events and FEB 2014 PARTY POSTER 2showcases our local community, independent designers and industry pros.

Cambridge Community Fashion Show (CCFS) is an evening of fun and community events that showcases the various communities that live in the city. It promotes the diversity of our local design talent and includes local creatives in all aspects of styling, production, marketing, design, etc.

The CCFS runway show is our signature event, and we hope to be able to provide a worthy platform for all the local creative talent. We are striving to make this a unique experience, while incorporating many facets of our creative community.

Funds raised will help to support the work we do with young people with disabilities in Cambridgeshire but also in the D R Congo.

We have faith that this will be a great event and it will not only give us the foundation to continue to fund CCFS in future years, but also will give us a strong start on our long-term goal of creating the Cambridge Community Fashion Incubator storefront.



To celebrate our move to the St. Philips Centre from the late, lamented Man on the Moon, Menelik Music and Cluzion are proud to present KOKO KANYINDA and his CONGO All-STARS to top the bill at a great evening that includes the best in live music and good food plus an early evening percussion workshop.

Bringing soukous right up to date, The Congo Allstars create an irresistable mix of funky rumba beats and cutting-edge dub reggae. With leader and master percussionist Koko Kanyinda directing the band, expect a sizzling show that confirms why Congolese soukous is the most passionate dance music in the world. Originating in the Congo, but incorporating influences from Cuba, Haiti and South America, soukous literally means ‘to shake’, so if you like your music loud and lively this one is for you.
Find out more about KOKO at

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