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Fundraising Events 2014/15

We are currently organising our next events. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers with some new and exciting fundraising ideas to help us raise funds. If you have some time and would like to help please phone 07827705454 or email info@menelikpartnership.org

What projects are we raising money for?

We would like to appeal to individuals, groups, clubs, schools and other organisations to donate bicycles, reading books, educational toys & games, stationery, computers and sports equipment to be put to the benefit a sustainable village communities in the Bas Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo). We also urgently need to raise financial donations to deliver these goods to them. Please telephone 01223 420 850 or 07842 177344 for delivery or collection of goods. To make payment online please visit of website at www.menelikeducation.info.


The orphanage Julienne Tshituala

The last in the family of four, Julienne lost her father when she was two years old. Right from childhood, Julienne Tshituala has been a child who went through a lot. She was born an albino and growing up as an albino was not very easy. She has grown up with all the challenges associated with being an albino, ranging from name-calling, rejection and discrimination, as well as superstitions and myths surrounding albinism.  When we met Julienne for the 1st time, she was fighting the evil CANCER, we have, thanks to the generosity of many of you, been able to keep her alive for well over 3 years, by providing all the palliative care she needed under her condition.  Sadly, one morning on her way for her regular treatments, she fell on her head and subsequently died.  To find out more about Julienne, please visit this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozShpv4knmo

This orphanage was created in memory of Julienne.

Children at the orphanage having fun during a visit in July 2014 by our Trustee Mrs Pauline Gardner.  Pauline after her visit to the Congo said “I can’t tell you how much the trip to the Congo meant to me; thank you so much for inviting me along – it was good to get a first hand insight into everything Menelik has achieved and I was pleased to play a part, albeit a small one, compared to what everyone else has done.


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