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Our Vision

Menelik Education is an international education charity that partners with government and like-minded organisations to improve the quality of education.

The guiding principle underpinning all our programmes is that the whole education system and all roles within it should be considered from the perspective of how they can optimally support the learning needs, and overcome the learning challenges, of all.

We believe that a strong education system maximises the chances of future success for children, adults and communities. What matters above all is that children irrespective of their gender, physical, and financial circumstances regularly attend school and benefit from quality teaching.

We are currently working in coalition with a number of organisations to support the Governments in various African countries in achieving transformational education reform across their respective countries. Combining international best practice with our on-the-ground experience, we aim to work with governments across the continent to deliver systemic change, generating better foundational literacy and numeracy outcomes.