Children Abuse Report Portal

Reporting Child Abuse Online/Neglect or other form of abuse

Trained specialists are available 24/7 to receive referrals of suspected child abuse and general child well-being concerns. Mandated reporters are certain adults, who are legally required to report suspected child abuse if they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse. The law requires that the mandated reporter identify themselves and where they can be reached. In addition to having documentation that the report was made, this information is also helpful so that if clarification on the situation or additional information is needed, the children and youth caseworker can contact the mandated reporter.

Mandated reporters may report online abuse by telephone or electronically through the following Portal:


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In addition, permissive reporters are individuals who are encouraged to report suspected child abuse, although not required by law. Permissive reporters can make a report at any time they suspect a child is the victim of child abuse. Permissive reporters may report anonymously. Permissive reporters can report by telephone by callingĀ  +243 896 770 075.

Each report is handled by a trained specialist who determines the most appropriate course of action. Actions include forwarding the report to:

  • Regional Offices for investigation or assessment;
  • Law enforcement officials for investigation; and
  • Ministry of Gender, Family, and Children for review and possible action.